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Photo by Juhani Pelli on Unsplash

You are afraid, I know.

After all, you are challenging the foundation of what you've been taught.

What it is, as the collective know it, to be a member of this modern world.

You've been conditioned to seek and bask in the intoxicating warmth of comfort.

Not only are you challenging this; you are shitting all over it.

Of course, you're scared when you are facing something like this.

It is only natural.

But because this fear is natural, it is telling you something.

It is an emotional reflex, either alerting you of a threat to your mortality, or it is highlighting a layer of your perceived-self which shrouds your truth.  

It is showing you the way forward.

You've done this before, and you've felt the same way each and every time.

You've also felt the same way each time after it.

Like the gradual beauty of a blooming flower.

The falsely-laid protective layer simply becomes a little more transparent each time.

This is the Work - your Work.

Keep pushing forward.

You know I will always be here to ensure that you do. 


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