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Photo by Juhani Pelli on Unsplash

That conversation you had in the office with your colleague.

A perspective they expressed seemed completely off the mark to you.

You thought to yourself, "how in the world can someone think that that is a good idea?"

But the simple fact is, you're not always going share the same views as everyone you encounter.

You're actually more likely not to share views with anyone, at all!

And, as you did in this instance, you need to pull yourself away for a moment and acknowledge this fact.

You don't have to agree.

You simply need to acknowledge.

You acknowledge it because it would be naive of you to think that everyone agrees with everything you believe and say.

You are not the sun and the universe does not revolve around you.

You are a mere drop in the vast ocean.

But of course, your reptilian brain's reflexes are always emotional, and it is easy enough to lose sight of this when in the moment.

You want to be part of this modern world, and as such, this comes with societal and communal interactions.

You hold this understanding with you always, as this is the choice you've made to only be governed by internal factors.

It is the choice you've made to not allow external influences to determine your state of being.


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