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An observation I've made, which I find rather interesting, is in the interactions I have with people who invest large amounts of time and energy into things which (seemingly) have zero bearing or impact on their lives.

It is especially intriguing to observe this within myself to unpack this knee-jerk phenomenon and understand the chain of internal events which lead up to it.   

Needless to say, there is no judgement cast here; how you choose to spend your time, energy, and focus, is just that - your choice. I can understand the general rationale, but simply isn't something I personally prescribe to or agree with.

In saying this, in me writing this does not imply that I am completely free from such urges and do not indulge myself, from time to time.

It is getting caught up in the latest news stories; keeping tabs on celebrity movements; getting heated or being overly opinionated over something someone did on the other side of the planet.

To me, this adds more layers of complexity to the labyrinth of modern life, which already feels impossible to navigate.

Day-to-day, it can reduce your quality of life by taking focus away from the things that truly matter; by putting you in a negative state through the nature of its content; or simply, by adding even more needless clutter into your mind.

To be clear, caring less is different from not caring at all.

It's the difference between things which directly impact your life and things that simply do not.

It is truly liberating when you free yourself from things that don't actually mean anything to you and are able to focus on the things that do.

To me, all these things are simply distractions.

They are varying forms of stimuli we look for to distract us from boredom and stillness.

They offer us the illusion of 'progress' since doing 'something' is seen to be better than doing 'nothing.'

Because progress and busyness seem to be the modern interpretation of living life to its full potential.

Funnily, the richest moments which I have experienced in life, the moments where I've felt the greatest depth to this thing we call 'living' was in stillness.

When I took moments to pause.

When I was stimulus-free.

One of the wonderful paradoxes of life: when I care less, I live more.


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