The Road to the Artless Art

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"If he is irresistibly driven towards this goal, he must set out on his own way again, take the road to the artless art.

He must dare to leap into the Origin, so as to live by the Truth and in the Truth, like one who has become one with it.

He must become a pupil again, a beginner; conquer the last steepest stretch of the way, undergo new transformations.

If he survives its perils, then is his destiny fulfilled: face to face he beholds the unbroken Truth, the Truth beyond all truths, the formless Origin of origins, the Void which is the All, is absorbed into it and from it emerges reborn."

- Eugen Herrigel; 'Zen in the Art of Archery'


Photo by Will Swann on Unsplash


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